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About the Annual Stroud Award

Last Update: 10/11/2022

The 2004 Board of Directors decided recognition of the Club’s most supportive members, Eileen and Bill Stroud was long overdue. Every fly fisher and many, many others in San Diego, knew the Stroud’s as the proprietors of Stroud Tackle. Today, many of the Club’s members may not know Bill was President of the Club three times, commencing in 1980, and Eileen was instrumental in changing San Diego Fly Fishermen to San Diego Fly Fishers, by allowing and welcoming women to join the Club


During Bill’s first term as President, he quickly affiliated the Club with California Trout, and Trout Unlimited. Stroud Tackle consistently donated thousands of dollars in equipment to the Club’s various causes and fund raisers. More importantly, there was no single instance when Bill and Eileen failed to respond enthusiastically with their time and donations, to the Club’s many requests for help.


So in recognition of the Stroud’s many significant contributions to the Club and all fishing causes, San Diego Fly Fishers’ annual banquet was re-named the Annual Stroud Banquet. In addition, and in further recognition of their personal commitment to fishing and the fishing/outdoors community, an annual award to be given at the banquet, and to be known as the “Stroud Award” would be awarded to a deserving individual, in recognition of outstanding and extraordinary long term or lifelong contributions to the sport of fishing and related conservation and environmental causes. The first recipient was Jim Brown whose lifelong contributions to the aforementioned causes were legendary. The award soon became a prestigious award amongst the fishing community, and the Club’s most important award. Although the award is designed to recognize deserving recipients outside the Club, several members have deservedly won it for their broad based volunteerism, including Bill and Eileen Stroud (in memorium), Gary Strawn and Paul Woolery.


As mentioned above, although Club members have won the award, the Stroud Award is primarily designed to recognize awardees outside the Club. The Club’s past presidents are charged with conducting a process of receiving nominations and selecting a winner encompassing a much broader scope of achievements. Any two Club members can nominate a candidate; and a non-member could also nominate a candidate with an endorsement from any two Club members. The nomination form can be found in the Finny Facts, and at the November and December regular meetings.  Or click on the blue button at the top of this page.


The nominees will be screened by a committee made up of Past Presidents, to review the qualifications of all nominees. Each year up to five nominees will be allowed to be voted upon by all Past Presidents, and the runner up candidate will automatically be a nominee.


Prior to the Stroud Banquet all Past Presidents will vote under a proscribed guideline of cumulative voting. If a winner can’t be chosen because no nominee received the necessary number of votes; or if there are no nominees, no winner will be chosen for that year.


As part of the award, the Club will make a $500 donation to the charity of the Winner’s choice, provided the charity is significantly connected to the Award criteria. The winner’s background and qualifications will be publicized in the Finny Facts and Club website. The winner will also receive a lifetime honorary membership to the Club and a plaque recognizing his achievement.


In addition, for a great article in the San Diego Union Tribune about the Stroud's and the importance of Stroud Tackle to the San Diego fly fishing community, click here.


former SDFF president, Jack Duncan


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