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About Us

Welcome to the website of the San Diego Fly Fishers club:
One of the Federation of Fly Fisher's largest chapters!


Founded in 1957, the San Diego Fly Fishers club promotes the sport of fishing with a fly rod through education and conservation. Everyone is welcome: families, singles, men, women, youngsters and oldsters! Click here to see a --------> summary of our club's activities.


We don’t just do trout!

Yes. Of course fly fishing for trout is one of our main interests. But many members are specialists with the abundant warm water species - bass, crappie, bluegill - that are found in our local San Diego waters.  And what about salt water fly fishing? The club also has a large contingent of salt water fly fishers who can help you get started. They ply their skills on Mission and San Diego Bays, local beaches and sometimes plan long range trips for some of the larger marine gamefish that are fun to catch on a fly rod.


So Check Us Out!

Surf our web pages. See what we have to offer, and if you like what you see, join us at one of our monthly meetings, contact our membership chairperson or simply mail in an application or apply online.

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