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Guest Speaker:  Dr. Sandra Jacobson

Last Update: 04/20/2019

SoCal Steelhead Restoration

Sandra Jacobson.jpg

Dr. Sandra Jacobson

WHEN:  Mon, May 6, 2019  7PM

WHERE: Southwestern Yacht Club

This 2019 SDFF Stroud Award winner is Doctor Sandra Jacobson, PHD.


Sandra is the Director of Cal Trout’s South Coast Region and head of the South Coast Steelhead Coalition. Under her direction, the Coalition has grown to include dozens of government agencies and environmental and fishing non-profits.

She has been the driving force behind the tremendous efforts to recover the endangered South Coast Steelhead. She worked tirelessly for many years establishing the genetic “fingerprint” of our native trout, and now leads the efforts to restore four coastal streams to accommodate anadro-

mous steelhead returning from the sea to their native spawning grounds. This work entails the removal of infrastructure such as culverts and check dams and elimination of non-native fish. She has led volunteers from SDFF and Golden State Flycasters on water quality surveys, fish counts and ge- netic sampling in our local headwaters.

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