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Speaker: Conway Bowman

Capt. Conway Bowman.jpg
Last Update: 09/13/2023

"Mako on the fly - The ultimate big game

fly rod gamefish "

Conway's Bio

Sight fish the fly to one of the greatest game fish in the world the Mako shark. 

Big, fast and acrobatic the mako shark is a big game opportunity just a few miles off the San Diego Coast!

Capt., Conway Bowman will take you on this amazing journey on Monday, October 2 at the San diego fly fishers monthly meeting.

Catching sharks on the fly may seem like an expression, but for Conway Bowman, it’s an accurate description of his day-to-day pursuits. Living in San Diego, CA, he can go just a few miles off shore and find what he’s looking for – Mako sharks. Despite being a big game angler, seasoned fly caster, ambitious outdoorsman, and host of Flyfishing the World, it all comes second to spending time with his favorite fishing companions, his wife and sons.


As the TV host of three highly rated and award-winning television series, “The Ford Outfitters”, “Fly Fishing the World” on Sportsman Channel and “Fifty Places to Fly-Fish Before you Die” on the World Fishing Network, Conway has traveled from the remote beaches of Baja California to the humid jungles of Thailand in search of all kinds of wild fishing adventures. An accomplished all-around adventurer, fisherman and waterman, Conway Bowman’s name is synonymous with “extreme” fly fishing

Capt Conway Bowman 

WHEN: Mon October 2, 2023 @6:30 PM

WHERE: Live at the Southwestern Yacht Club

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