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Speaker: Dave Ames

Last Update: 03/20/2023

“Trout Town”

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Dave's Bio

Dave Ames has been a Montana fly-fishing guide for nearly forty years. He started Glacier Wilderness Guides and Montana Raft Company in Glacier National Park, worked all the major rivers both east and west, and will always have a soft spot for the mighty Missouri. Most winters he’d head south with a backpack and a fly rod in search of what’s possible, and once fair-hooked an alligator, which gave him a whole new perspective on catch-and-release trout fishing; because, really: Who’s catching who?

Dave Ames has written for many magazines and newspapers, including Big Sky Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and Fly Fisherman. He is the award winning author of books including Trout Town, True Love and the Woolly Bugger, A Good Life Wasted or Twenty Years as a Fishing Guide, Dances with Sharks, and Me, My Cells, and I. He considers himself fortunate to have spent the better part of his life casting flies into the rivers, swamps and oceans of the world, thanks all the fish that made it possible, and resides in Montana.

WHEN: Mon April 04, 2023 @6:30 PM

WHERE: Live at the Southwestern Yacht Club

Dave Ames

This presentation is a quirky amalgam of readings, stories, jokes and songs, on a variety of topics ranging from How Trout Think to Why Fishermen Lie, as told by an inveterate trout bum who’s fished from one pole to the other, no pun intended.

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