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Guest Speaker:  Dave Smith

Last Update: 09/24/15
Joel Stewart

Dave Smith

WHEN:  Monday, Oct 5, 2015, 7PM


Southwestern Yacht Club

European Style Nymphing

Note:  don't forget we have a new meeting location: Southwestern Yacht Club in Point Loma.


The program:


We've all heard of Spanish Nymphing, Czech Nymphing, Tight-line nymphing and maybe a few have even tried it out.  Dave Smith will present an overview of European Nymphing, including the tackle, approach, rigging, hooking and landing fish, and flies that this technique utilizes.  He will bring practical world experience from the competitive fly fishing community and break down the lessons for your success on the water.


Dave's Background:


Dave Smith has been chasing trout ever since he could walk, starting with spinning gear and eventually graduating to fly fishing.  Dave's fly fishing career took off when he spent 18 months in the famed New Zealand trout fishery.  In New Zealand he tuned his craft under the guidance of Kiyoshi Nakagawa, a New Zealand Fly Fishing Team member and fishing guide.  It was this connection that lead to Dave engaging in competitive fly fishing. 


Dave is an active member and competitor of the Professional Fly Angling Tour (PFA Tour) and competes in other fly fishing events, such as Fly Fishing Team USA sponsored events and local fly fishing competitions.  As of 2015, Dave obtained a Guide license and is providing on the water training in all aspects of fly fishing, including his specialty of European Style Nymphing.

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