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Speaker: Jason Christian

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Last Update: 10/05/2023

"Eastern Sierras Update"

Jason's Bio

Jason Christian will do a comprehensive update on the many fly fishing options in the Eastern Sierra Nevada like Crowley Lake, Upper & Lower Owens, the Gorge and the East Walker.  With California’s largest water/snow year in history behind us, Jason will elaborate on how these famous waters of the Eastern Sierra will fish this coming season.

Jason grew up in the Sierras in a small town on the Western slope along the Stanislaus River. Fishing, skiing, hiking and camping were a huge part of his upbringing and ultimately drove his direction in life. He moved to the Mammoth Lakes area at age 17 and fishing quickly consumed his years.  

After guiding the Mammoth Lakes area for over 10 years it was time for new challenges.


Jason moved on and acquired his USCG Captains license in pursuit of bigger adventures. 7 Summers were spent guiding Alaska for some of the finest lodges in the Bristol Bay region. Muti-day float trips, plane flights and tangling with brown bears was the daily routine. 

Since perfecting his craft and adding to his list of skillsets he is happy to be back to the place he calls home, the Eastern Sierra. Always looking towards progression and bettering himself as a guide, Jason strives to provide memorable days on the water for every client. 


A day spent with Jason will be one to remember. Not only will you learn but the environment which he creates will help you to see the water in a different light. 

Jason Christian

WHEN: Mon November 6, 2023 @6:30 PM

WHERE: Live at the Southwestern Yacht Club

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