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Last Update: 11/2019

Program:  Members Gear Fest

Clean out your garage and fill it at the same time !!

Garage Sale Sign_edited.jpg


WHEN:  December 2, 2019, 6 PM

WHERE:  Southwestern Yacht Club

Note eariler starting time!

Followed by our Speaker at 8 PM

Kai Coyote
Baja Mexico

Float Tube Prize 2019.jpg


Garage Sale ...  The garage sale will feature over 100 items that were donated to the Club at various times. Members will also be allowed to bring in their used fishing equipment and sell it at the event. Only current members will be allowed to bring in stuff and only fishing related equipment will be allowed.  All Proceeds go to SDFF’s operating funds to support Club activities.

Key items for sale include:

  • Multiple Quality ​Fly Rods, including a quality Phillipson Bamboo rod

  • Float tubes, watercraft

  • Fly reels, waders and boots

  • Fly boxes with and without flies

  • Fly tying materials

  • An assortment of fly fishing accessories

  • And of course, some stuff that is just junk……


Special Raffle ...  To benefit Project Healing Waters (PHW), we will be raffling one Pontoon boat. $20 a ticket. Only 20 tickets will be sold.

Door Prizes  ... The club will have several door prizes which will be given away during the evening. Each attendee will receive a ticket for an opportunity to win a door prize.

Presentation ... 

We will also have a presentation during the meeting beginning at 8 pm: Kai Schumann to speak about Estero Coyote, Baja Mexico.  As a teenager Kai was taught how to tie saltwater flies by none other than our own Eileen Stroud!  He still lives up the hill from Stroud Tackle and hangs out at the shop.   No flyfishing for trout or any other fresh water fish for Kai, but he is an absolute expert when it comes to inshore fly fishing from San Diego and on down to Baja California, Mexico.

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